Welcome to PetitPlay!

PetitPlay is a unique, specialized way to grow your child’s potential. At PetitPlay, we know that play serves a vitally important purpose in every child’s development. Play is the serious business of growing up.

PetitPlay incorporates creative media and open-ended activities to expand your child’s natural ability to solve their own problems. In a well-designed, safe play studio, your child will be able to choose different forms of expression that typically include art, music, dance, drama, sand, water, and imaginary play.

Our Philosophy

The primary philosophy behind using creative play to help children solve their own problems incorporates these ideas:

– Play is a child’s most natural and spontaneous form of self expression.
– Children use play to learn about the world they live in, try new things, and to explore their experiences.
– Children often play about things they know or experiences they have had.
– It is ideal for children to use the safety of imaginary play to explore their experiences.
– What children try out in their play (i.e. ideas, social skills, and new solutions to old problems) generalizes to other settings. Kids transfer new ways of thinking from the play studio to real life!

PetitPlay gives kids valuable tools for life

Children learn to tune in to their own ideas and feelings during play sessions. The play studio is a lab where they will experiment and dare to try new things. For children who are trying their best to navigate major life changes, the play studio becomes a workshop for building self confidence to tackle childhood’s biggest hurdles. When children come up with the answers, changes can happen that are more significant and lasting because of the child’s sense of accomplishment. Making their own discoveries is much more powerful than adults teaching children what to do.

Kids grow in confidence, character and creativity

Child Centered Play Therapy is a therapeutic approach that is research supported and advocated by the Association for Play Therapy and the UNT Center for Play Therapy, both nationally recognized play therapy research and training organizations. For years, we’ve embraced the understanding that play serves a fundamental role in brain development, early learning, language acquisition, and children’s formation of higher level abilities such as emotional regulation, abstract thinking, and mature communication. Therapeutic play has been shown to combat the negative effects of stress and trauma on the child’s developing brain. Now the latest research indicates that children go further academically and may become more financially stable as adults, when they have developed non-cognitive character traits such as confidence, perseverance, curiosity, emotional strength, self-control, and the ability to manage stress. In Play Therapy, children build up their capacity for emotional regulation, cognitive resourcefulness, resilience and social competence.

Services we offer

– Individual play therapy for children from 3 to 12 years
– Creative arts and talk based therapy for adolescents from 13 to 18 years
– Early start sensory development for children from birth to 8 years
– Parent and child relationship therapy from birth to 18 years
– Family and sibling play therapy
– Filial therapy/Bringing child centered skills home
– Support and coaching for parents and carers responding to children’s behaviors

Meet the PetitPlay Team

Georgie Wisen-Vincent, LMFT, RPT is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist. Georgie comes with 15 years experience in helping children and families find positive ways of relating. She lived in London where she completed her post-graduate work in Child Centered Play Therapy at Roehampton University. She has used individual play therapy, creative arts therapy, family play therapy, trauma focused therapy and behavior modification in her work with children and teens in clinics, schools, and residential settings. Georgie has extensive experience with a wide array of children’s issues and advocates for children in the context of their cultural, educational and developmental needs. She is a member of the American Association for Play Therapy and the British Association of Play Therapists. Georgie trusts parents as experts on their children and empowers parents and families as expert consultants on their children’s growing process.

Carrie Wisen, MA is an Early Childhood Development Specialist. Carrie completed advanced study in Early Childhood Development and Education at Loyola Marymount University. Carrie understands the developmental stages and needs of infants, preschoolers, and young children and she is skilled in helping children learn and develop. Carrie brings her experience as a preschool teacher and behavior interventionist for children with special behavioral and developmental issues. Carrie provides expert advice and consultation for parents, carers, and children (ages birth to eight years old) to encourage and promote optimal development. Carrie specializes in sensory integration, an interactive and fun way for children to play and learn through their senses. She has published a children’s book to educate kids, families, and professionals who teach and care for “out of sync” children about sensory integration. She helps kids adapt to new and challenging situations with creativity and humor, supporting the whole child.